Certain aluminium extrusions exported to Australia from the People's Republic of China

This is a review of the decision by the Attorney-General on 28 October 2010 to publish a dumping duty notice and a countervailing duty notice. The goods to which the review relates are certain aluminium extrusions from the People’s Republic of China. The Trade Measures Review Officer recommended a reinvestigation of findings in Report to the Minister No. 148 – Certain Aluminium Extrusions Exported to Australia from the People’s Republic of China relating to:

  • whether state-owned enterprises under investigation qualify as ‘public bodies’ under the Customs Act

  • the treatment of certain information provided by interested parties during the investigation

  • the finding on non-injurious price

  • differentiating between mill and other finishes when determining the ascertained export price, and

  • the reliability of exporter cost-to-make-and-sell information.

Notice of the Trade Measures Review Officer’s decision was published in The Australian on Monday 16 May 2011.