Newsprint exported from France

The Anti-Dumping Review Panel received an application from UPM Kymmene Pty Ltd for a review of a decision by the Parliamentary Secretary for Industry and Science to publish a dumping duty notice in respect of Newsprint imported from France.


Under subsection 269ZZK(1) of the Act, the Anti-Dumping Review Panel is required to make a report to the Parliamentary Secretary on the application, recommending that she either affirm the reviewable decision or revoke the reviewable decision and substitute a specified new decision.

 Non-Confidential Correspondence

 Letter from ADRP to ADC - Invitation to Comment - 30 June 2015

ADC Response to Invitation to Comment - 21 July 2015

Letter from ADRP to ADC - Request for Re-investigation - 19 August 2015



Seven West Media Limited (SWM) - 24 July 2015

Norske Skog - 28 July 2015


UPM Kymmene Pty Ltd - 1 June 2015

 Public Notices

Notice of Intention to Conduct a Review - 29 June 2015 

Public Notice - Parliamentary Secretary's Decision - 22 December 2015

ADRP Report No 27  - 27 November 2015

Reinvestigation Report - 30 October 2015