Certain Polyvinyl Chloride Flat Electric Cable exported from the People's Republic of China

​The Anti-Dumping Review Panel has received an application from Olex Australia Pty Ltd under the Customs Act 1901 requesting a review of the decision made by Dale Seymour Commissioner of the Anti-Dumping Commission (Commissioner) to terminate an investigation in relation to Certain Polyvinyl Chloride Flat Electric Cable exported from the People's Republic of China (the Reviewable Decision). 

Under section 269ZZT of the Customs Act 1901, the Anti-Dumping Review Panel may either affirm or revoke the decision based on the information that was before the Commissioner when the Commissioner made the Reviewable Decision.


Non-Confidential Correspondence 

ADC Comments - 11 September 2015



Olex Australia – 6 August 2015

Public Notification

Public Notice  - 13 October 2015

ADRP Report No. 25  - 6 October 2015